The Fireman & the Shrink Face the Women of Gals’ Guide

A couple of weeks ago, me and my partner-in-crime Dr. Paul — a.k.a. the Fireman & the Shrink– were asked to speak about what we know best: sex, dating, and relationships, at a monthly event for Gals’ I did a post about it on my NBC Street Team blog but many of my readers were asking for to me post here on Sex 9-1-1 as well, so here it is!!!

Gal’s Guide is a Chicago-based Web site created specifically for women making the sometimes daunting transition from college life to big city life, and gives street smart, real world advice on finances, job searching, apartment hunting, beauty and fashion, and my favorite of them all — sex, dating, and relationships.

Slideshow: Diva Series Event

The event was hosted by J-Bar, promoted by my good friend Sarah Vargo of Sarah Vargo Promotions, and was executed flawlessly by Gals’ Guide’s creator and fellow Street Team member Blagica Bottigliero. It was a ton of fun. I mean come on, I was in a room filled with women discussing sex — how couldn’t it?? Click here to check out pictures of the event taken by the very talented photographer Leora Zellman.

Paul and I got to speak to the women and answer their very candid questions in our fun Fireman & the Shrink style. I was even put in the hot seat a few times answering questions about what I thought of women who “put out” on the first date, whether I’ve ever used my job as a fireman to get laid, and even if I was gay. And of course Dr. Paul wowed ’em with all that scientific stuff that oozes from his psyche like molasses.

Admittedly, even for me it can be a little intimidating speaking in front of so many women when you write what I write, or say what I say. I didn’t know if I would get out of there alive. But the women were totally cool with any subject matter, and even initiated it. I think I somehow even managed to not piss off or offend as many women as I thought I would. I think that’s a testament to the Gals’ Guide’s members. The site enables strength in women, and that was apparent by the strong secure women that attended the event. But don’t take my word for it. You should check ’em out for yourself!

You can find out more about Jon at and make sure to check out his podcasts “The Fireman & the Shrink” and all the other cool sex and relationship content on NBC5’s Better Sex page at You can find out more about Jon at and email him at


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