Ladies, Here’s Your Chance to Get in the Know

June 16, 2008

In the past few years that I’ve been writing my sex and dating column, and more recently my blog, I’ve received countless emails and posts asking every type of sex, dating, and relationship question known to man (and woman). Although I love interacting with the readers, they were just faceless names on the email heading in the vast of cyberspace. There was no personal interaction.

Now that me and my psychiatrist partner-in-crime, Dr. Paul Dobransky, record our NBC5 podcast “The Fireman and the Shrink,” our listeners connect with us so much that they wish they were in the conversation with us. Ladies, don’t you wish you could ask any question about sex, dating, and relationships and get a no-holds-barred answer from a male perspective? Well you’re in luck, because now you can!

Me and Dr. Paul will be appearing at JBar (inside the James Hotel, 610 N. Rush) this Thursday June 19th from 7 pm – 8:30pm. We’ll be answering questions at an open forum of ladies’ sex, dating, and relationship questions, and anything goes! We’ll also be interviewing and recording some podcasts with any ladies willing to be heard! And best of all, ladies, you’ll be in good company because the event is being brought to you by, THE site women turn to when they have questions about adjusting to life in the big city after college. And although it’s ladies’ night, guys, you’re invited too! It’s gonna be a blast, so hope to see you there!!